The same nutrients that our bodies need to stay healthy on the inside are the same nutrients our bodies need to look healthy on the outside. Taking supplements, eating a healthy diet and getting exercise work to keep our bodies strong and skin supple.

However, in today’s world we usually have more air pollutants both inside our homes and offices than Los Angeles on a smoggy day. We need to protect our skin from the outside world by incorporating nutritional supplements into anti-aging skin care products.

Our skin is the body’s largest organ. Every day free radicals are formed on our skin and cause aging to accelerate in large part because of the pollutants in our environment and over exposure to the sun. These effects may not be seen for some time. Now we have UV exposure lighting that doctors can use to see how much damage our skin has undergone. It can be quite frightening to see what we have put ourselves through. There is a clinically proven way to repair this damage.

Nutrition For Healthy Skin

For over 50 years the Shaklee Corporation has been the leader in nutritional supplements, pioneering the first biodegradable cleaner, the best anti-aging supplements and having 8 patents awarded to their Enfuselle product line. They have used their scientific expertise in nutritional support for the body and taken it to the next level to develop nutrition for the skin.

Enfuselle is the only repair complex that has an exclusive antioxidant profile to block free radical reactions on the skin and combat aging and provides 7 nutrients for the skin. This ability has earned Vital Repair+Complex three patents of its own.

Shaklee’s new approach to skin nutrition means that Enfuselle has no harsh ingredients that most products use to achieve short-term results. Vital Repair+Complex works to actually improve and heal your skin’s cells. There is no other skin care line that can compare to the support Shaklee’s Enfuselle gives.

Always hypoallergenic, never animal tested and pH balanced. The Shaklee difference is clinically proven and dermatologist tested; formulated without parabens, animal products or byproducts, propylene among other harmful and unnecessary ingredients.

Nutrition For Healthy Skin

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