Cinch® Whey Protein Blend Shake Mix


You go on a diet to lose jiggly fat, but with many diets you’ll also end up losing lean muscle. And that can set you up for future weight regain, because muscle is what burns calories. It’s key to your metabolism. Fat, on the other hand, is just—fat. Many diets also leave you feeling deprived, hungry, and finding time to prepare a healthy, nutritious meal can often be a real chore. When you’re rushed, you often make poor choices, reaching for fast food or take-out options that are high in calories and fats and low in nutrition. How can you have a nutritious meal that’s easy to prepare, tastes great, and will help you reach your weight loss goal?


All the Benefits of a Meal

Cinch® shakes are a quick and healthy answer to “What’s for breakfast?” or “What’s for lunch?” Cinch shakes are a great-tasting, nutritious way to help retain that all-important muscle and keep you feeling full and satisfied while you lose weight. Our proprietary formula is Powered by Leucine™, the amino acid that signals the body to preserve muscle during weight loss. In other words, the leucine in Cinch shakes helps you keep muscle so you lose fat.

Each time you drink a Cinch shake, you get 24 grams of protein.** And that’s important. Why? Because protein is used to build muscle, and muscle is what keeps your metabolism up and burns calories. Protein-rich foods also hold off hunger, which can help reduce between-meal snacking. And let’s not forget about that muscle-sparing leucine and essential nutrients your body needs. Look for our many great-tasting shake recipes on


  • Provides the benefits of a meal, but tastes like dessert
  • Powered by Leucine™ to preserve muscle while you lose weight
  • 24 grams of protein per serving** to help you feel satisfied and full
  • High in fiber, with 5 grams per serving
  • Low glycemic to retain normal blood-sugar levels and sustain energy
  • Delivers 35% or more of the Daily Value of 20 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Contains no soy for those who are sensitive to or allergic to soy


  • With Cinch® Pro W, an exclusive blend of protein enhanced with the amino acid leucine
  • Powered by Leucine™ to preserve muscle while you lose weight
  • Part of the clinically tested Cinch Inch Loss Plan†
  • No artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors
  • 99% lactose free
  • Contains no soy


  • 65% of adults in the United States who are overweight
  • Anyone looking for a healthy way to manage their weight, lose inches, and reduce calories
  • Anyone who is seeking an alternative to the fatigue, hunger, and food cravings from typical diets
  • Anyone who wants a convenient, healthy, and satisfying meal
  • Anyone who is sensitive to or allergic to soy, or for those looking for an alternative to soy protein


Put two scoops of powder in one cup of nonfat milk. Mix like you mean it. If you choose to make your shake with water, use three scoops instead of two scoops. For a tasty treat, prepare in the blender and toss in a serving of fresh or frozen fruit or berries or a half banana. If you like it frothy, add ice cubes. Experiment and have fun. For more tasty shake recipes, visit


Whey Protein Blend Shake Mix


Cinch Shake Mix is just one part of the comprehensive Cinch Inch Loss Plan. To get the full benefits, use the shakes with the other remarkable products in the Cinch Inch Loss Plan.

  • Cinch® Meal-in-a-Bar in two scrumptious flavors—Blueberry Almond Crisp and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. A great alternative to a serving of shake mix. Packed with
  • 20 grams of protein to keep you feeling full and Powered by Leucine™ to help hold on to muscle while you lose weight.
  • Cinch® 3-in-1 Boost™ is three products in one—a balanced multivitamin with 23 essential nutrients, a metabolic booster that kicks you into calorie-burning gear, and nutrients including chromium to help retain normal blood-sugar levels and keep energy levels stable.*
  • Cinch® Snack Bars serve up hard-to-believe snacking pleasure with hunger-fighting protein. Powered by Leucine™, they help preserve muscle. 120–130 calories per bar.
  • Cinch® Energy Tea Mix serves natural oomph in a cup. Hot or cold, this exotic blend of red, white, and green teas gives you a natural energy boost anytime you need it.
  • Available in unsweetened and pomegranate flavors.

The Cinch Inch Loss Plan with leucine is formulated to help you break the diet cycle so you:

  • Keep muscle you have.
  • Burn fat you don’t need.
  • Lose inches you don’t want.


• Introduction to Cinch A recorded three-minute call (925.924.3030)
• Cinch® Inch Loss Plan Brochure #75555 English; #75556 Spanish
• A tools and support site for Cinch customers
• A Happier, Healthier You DVD #66007 Single; #59053 5-Pack; #59054 50-Pack
• Cinch Program Guide (English/Spanish) Everything you need to know about the Cinch Program #79304
• Introduction to Cinch PowerPoint Presentation (Available to download at
• Cinch® Daily Journal (English/Spanish) A portable journal to track your product use and meals when you are on the Cinch Plan #75362
• Product Guide (For details, talk to your Shaklee Independent Distributor)

Whey Protein Blend Shake Mix

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