Flu Vaccine Side Effects DO Happen

Considering you can shop for a gallon of milk and get your flu shot at the same location, you may think this medical procedure is completely safe. But the truth is, NO ONE is exempt from the potential serious complications of vaccination, one of which is Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), an autoimmune disorder that develops when a person’s own immune system attacks and damages the myelin sheath of the body’s nerves, causing muscle weakness and paralysis.

In the video below, Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the non-profit National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), interviews a Connecticut artist and her mother, a former professor of nursing, who developed GBS after getting a seasonal flu shot in 2008 and today is permanently disabled with total body paralysis. This family has chosen to share their heartbreaking story to help those who have had the same experience feel less alone, and to educate others about what it means to be vaccine injured.

What happened to this family is a potent reminder of just how important it is to make well-informed decisions about vaccinations.

Getting your flu vaccination at a local pharmacy compounds the risks to your health, as while pharmacists are trained to administer the vaccine, they’re not necessarily trained to address a sudden and life threatening health emergency that may arise after the shot is given and virtually none of them are likely to warn you of the vaccine risks as required by federal law.

It’s important to understand that ALL vaccines carry a risk for provoking an acute adverse reaction, such as fainting or having a seizure, which could be truly life threatening if you’re driving a car or crossing a street after you have left the store, for example. Further, all vaccines are immune suppressive — that is, they suppress your immune system, which may not return to normal for weeks to months. Here are just some of the ways vaccines impair and alter your immune response:

  • Some components in vaccines are neurotoxic and may cause immune and brain dysfunction, particularly heavy metals such as mercury preservatives and aluminum adjuvants
  • The lab-altered vaccine viruses and bacteria themselves may further impair your immune response
  • Foreign DNA/RNA from animal tissues can wreak havoc in your body and trigger serious health problems for some people
  • Vaccines may alter your t-cell function and lead you to become chronically ill
  • Vaccines can trigger allergies by introducing large foreign protein molecules into your body that have not been properly broken down by your digestive tract (since they are injected). Your body can respond to these foreign particles in the form of an allergic reaction

So you’ve got to ask yourself the question: does the benefit of the flu shot truly outweigh its risks?

Side Effects Of Flu Vaccine, Do You Really Want To Take This Chance?

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