How Hazardous Are Household Cleaners? What’s Actually in Your Home Cleaning Products?

Home cleaning products get put to the test. These videos may shock you.

Did you know companies are not required to list ingredients on cleaning products unless it will blow up or kill you if you swallow it? This is the stuff most people “clean” their homes with! Some ingredients may cause neurological damage along with respiratory problems. I wonder, if people really knew what they were putting into their homes and environments, would they continue to buy and use those products? This really opened my eyes.

Part 1

Part 2


It’s unnecessary, crazy and practically criminal to have toxic ingredients stuffed into pretty packages and paraded around as safe and good for your family. Most of us grew up around the stuff; but it seems to me those rows of “cleaners” at the stores have gotten more cluttered with every kind of disinfectant/”cleaner” you could possibly think of, and some you wouldn’t. What about the long term or even short term effects? Is it any wonder respiratory problems have skyrocketed?

I remember using cleaners that would suck the breath right out of me, every door or window would have to be open. Then I was introduced to Shaklee cleaning products. In high school I met my future husband. His family was a Shaklee family. They used all the products and were independent distributors. I was sick all the time, my husband was hardly ever sick. I began to use the products and found they worked just like I was told. They were everything they claimed to be.

We have started a family and use nothing but Shaklee’s cleaning products. Thankfully, we have not had any 3 a.m. emergency room visits with any of our three kids. I believe that has a lot to do with what we clean our home with and the quality supplements Shaklee provides. I know the products work and that we all can be healthier.

Toxic Brew in Our Homes, How Hazardous Are Your Household CleanersClick on Picture For Pricing


The bottom line is we have a choice, for now, what types of products we want to use in our homes. Do we continue on the current path, or change course and make a difference now and for the future? I hope you found this information useful and beneficial. If you would like to learn more check out the links below.

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