Spring Cleaning Time is Here!

Are you ready to clean under the beds, organize the garage, dust the ceiling fans, move the refrigerator, and sweep? Most people aren’t eager to get to the business of cleaning, I am one of them.

Spring cleaning can feel overwhelming, daunting. Knowing where to start and having the right cleaning products can be half the battle.

With these three simple spring cleaning tips, the job is far less intimidating:

  1. Make a plan. List what tasks you want to accomplish Spring Cleaning Tipsin each room, the estimated number of hours or minutes you’ll need, and who in the family will help you. Organized Home provides free printable spring cleaning checklists that could be helpful if you’re uncertain where to begin. Or you can just pick a room. One room that stays clean the longest so when you get to the really messy places your house is still clean.
  2. Make a date. Yes, make a date. Which weekend or weekday will you work on these spring cleaning tasks? Enlist the entire family so that everyone can mark their calendar and show up for spring cleaning duty!
  3. Get Your Baskets and Supplies in Order. With the plan of action set, the date squared away, and the troops rallied, having your supplies organized is essential! With the Get Clean® Starter Kit, you’ll have everything you need to clean the house from top to bottom this year and next! Plus you’ll keep 108 pounds of packaging waste from landfills. Besides your Basic H2®, arrange those laundry baskets to collect items you’ll donate, recycle, or sell. As you go from room to room, fill the baskets with items that you’re not using anymore (e.g. clothing, toys, tools, kitchen supplies, pet items, etc.). One of the goals of spring cleaning is getting rid of all the clutter! And with some good tunes and fresh air, you’ll feel rejuvenated—and the house, yard, attic, and garage will look spiffy clean!

You can make your spring cleaning more of a breeze. Look at it as a way to spend time as a family or donate items you don’t use anymore.

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