If you went to where your household cleaners are stored right now and looked at what they contain, what kind of toxic nastiness would you find? Probably things like sodium hydroxide, phenol, ammonia or formaldehyde. Many of the ingredient in most cleaners can be toxic. Toxic, as in dangerous, hurtful, harmful and not very clean at all. Our homes are no place for stuff like that. Start by responsibly getting rid of those troublemakers. Next step is to call in Get Clean. When you welcome Get Clean into your home, none of the hazardous things come with it. You can be sure you’re letting in products that care as much about your family’s safety as you do.

Safe for you, your home, and your planet™

Seems like you always have to choose. Either you have cleaners that are as mean on the environment as they are on dirt. Or you have nice, sweet, eco-friendly cleaners (using the term loosely) that don’t do diddly.

Now you don’t have to choose between strength and safety. Get Clean™ shows dirt no mercy. In fact, if you don’t think Get Clean products work better than the other cleaners you’ve gotten used to, we’ll give you your money back. Because we believe, first and foremost, cleaners have to clean.

Shaklee Get Clean Products

Get Clean products offer cleaning choices that are powerful, here’s why:

  • Outperforms 12 national brands
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Dish Wash Liquid Concentrate is twice as effective as Method® Dish Soap and Seventh Generation® Dishwashing Liquid on grease.*
  • Fresh Laundry Concentrate HE Compatible is 33% better at removing dirt and stains than All® Small & Mighty Liquid Laundry Detergent™ in HE Machines.*
* This performance comparison was done on January 11, 2007 and is valid only for the named products marketed at that time. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Safe for you, your home, and your planet™

Get Clean™ products use biodegradable cleaning agents, which means they break down easily instead of hanging out in the ground for hundreds of years. They also have no phosphates, borates, nitrates, or other stuff the planet doesn’t appreciate. And by making them super-concentrated, we leave you to add water so we can subtract waste. This has many implications. 1. Less weight to ship. 2. Less product to use. 3.Less packaging to throw away. So you can get that clean feeling about your house, knowing you’re keeping the planet clean, too.


When you buy the Get Clean Starter Kit instead of the stuff you probably buy:

  • You keep 108 pounds of packaging waste out of landfills
  • You eliminate 248 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions

Get Clean products offer cleaning choices that are Green, here’s why:

  • Sustainably sourced natural ingredients
  • Biodegradable surfactants
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Recyclable wipes
  • Recyclable dryer sheets
  • No chlorine bleach
  • No volatile organic cleaning compounds
  • No phosphates
  • No nitrates
  • No borates
  • No animal testing

Did you know that when you buy some common cleaners, most of what you are buying is water? Shaklee figured out a long time ago that we could make a more economical cleaner by making it concentrated. That’s why Get Clean™ is such an amazing value. You would have to shell out more than $3,400 at the grocery store to get the same amount of clean you get in the Get Clean Special Edition Kit.

Don’t let our smaller bottles fool you. There’s a whole lot of clean in there saving you money, ounce for ounce. You might be willing to pay extra for safe, powerful, green Get Clean. But it’s nice to know you’re actually making such a positive impact on your budget as well as the planet.

Get Clean Starter Kit Includes:

Includes Basic H2® Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate, Basic H2® Organic Super Cleaning Wipes, Germ Off Disinfecting Wipes, Nature Bright® Laundry Booster and Stain Remover, Scour Off™ Heavy-Duty Paste, Dish Washer Automatic Concentrate (Powder), Hand Dish Wash Concentrate (Liquid), Hand Wash, Fresh Laundry HE Compatible Concentrate (Liquid), Soft Fabric Concentrate, and Soft Fabric Dryer Sheets, plus everything you need to use Get Clean products in your home.

Healthy Home Kit Includes:

Includes Basic H2® Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate, Basic H2® Organic Super Cleaning Wipes, Scour Off™ Heavy-Duty Paste, Hand Dish Wash Concentrate (Liquid), Fresh Laundry Concentrate HE Compatible (Liquid), Soft Fabric Concentrate, and Soft Fabric Dryer Sheets, Super Microfiber Window Cloth, Laundry Measuring Cup, and Get Clean® Spray Bottles (3-pack).

Find out for yourself what kind of money you can save, how well your home will look.  Plus, by removing the toxic cleaners in your home and creating a cleaner environment, you and your family will feel the difference.

Shaklee Get Clean Products

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