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Get Clean™ offers you cleaning choices that are SAFE, POWERFUL, GREEN, and SMART. Because when it comes to keeping your house clean and the earth safe, you shouldn’t have to choose. When you use Get Clean, you’re never simply cleaning. While you make your home cleaner, you make your family healthier. You also make the planet healthier for other families as well.

Get Clean is a high-performance line of powerful cleaners that out cleans 11 national brands. That means we out clean the competition or we’ll give you your money back. You won’t have to sacrifice powerful cleaners for powerful convictions, or vice versa.

Did You Know?

In 2005, 218,316 reported poison exposures came from household cleaning products. Common household cleaners and appliances give off fumes, which can potentially increase the risk of asthma in children. The EPA says that only a fraction of the more than 81,500 registered chemicals have gone through testing for human health concerns. 81,500 represents approximately one in every 750 known chemicals.

The EPA lists the following household cleaning products as “hazardous waste” – oven cleaners, drain cleaners, wood and metal cleaners and polishes, toilet cleaners, tub, tile, and shower cleaners and bleach.  The average U.S. household generates more than 20 pounds of household hazardous waste per year, and the average home can accumulate as much as 100 pounds of household hazardous waste in the basement and garage and in storage closets.

Germs are all over. They come in contact with us everyday. Our homes are “infected” with all sorts of little invaders we can’t see. Recently the Myth Busters put to the test whether or not your toilet seat was dirtier than other things we came into contact with everyday, like, phones, money, door handles and things like, the kitchen sponge. They found that the kitchen sponge had more different types of nasty germs than any other thing they tested. That’s right that thing we wash our dishes and silver wear with is loaded with all kinds of nastiness, the very stuff we eat off!

I think sometimes we go a little far sterilizing everything in sight. Our body should be allowed to do its job. That doesn’t mean, we need to put up with a ton of unsafe organisms alive in our kitchen. If it’s in the sponge then it’s all over the surfaces your sponges come in contact with. I don’t hold much stock in what our government agencies have to tell us, but in this case that just doesn’t apply. The EPA has a registration for environmentally friendly goods, meaning if the product is safe for the environment you can enroll with the EPA and promote it as such. Most products don’t make it.

I will bet if you ask mothers what they are most worried about in their home, and being a mother I can agree, they will tell you the toxins from the cleaners they use. Think about it, we’ve all been there; elbows deep in it, trying desperately not to inhale the noxious fumes coming up from your unpleasant labor. It’s a wonder we don’t pass out. I remember that from the time I was old enough to clean. That is until I found a better way to clean.

Get Clean Starter Kit

This multi-talented set is all you need to start cleaning your way to a healthier home-thirteen products plus a caddy filled with accessories. It’s an amazing value that lets you make a positive impact on your budget as well as a positive impact on our planet. When you buy the Get Clean Starter Kit instead of the ready-to-use products that you probably use, it’s nice to know:

• You eliminate 108 pounds of waste from land fills.

• You eliminate 248 pounds of greenhouse gases.

• You do the environmental impact of planting 10 trees.

Basic H2™ Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate with its incredible powerful formula, a.k.a. Basic H2, when used as directed, dominates grease, grime, and dirt 1,000 different ways. Super concentrated and as earth friendly as original Basic-H®, it can be used indoors or out on any washable surface. Just two ounces of Basic H2 provides the same cleaning power of 728 bottles of the 26 ounce size of Windex® original formula.

Using these products has already saved enough plastic from ending up in landfills to circle the globe more than 19 times. Yes, that’s right, 19 times.  The products you need to clean your home don’t have to be harsh for your family or the environment. Look at the Shaklee Get Clean Difference:  Find Out More!

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Earth Friendly Cleaning Products

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✔ Nontoxic

✔ No toxic fumes

✔ Hypoallergenic

✔ No hazardous chemicals

✔ No chlorine

✔ No kerosene

✔ No dodecylbenzene-sulfonate

✔ No phenol

✔ No cresol

✔ No lye

✔ No morpholine

✔ No petroleum distillates

✔ No benezene

✔ No ammonia

✔ No paradichlorobenzene


✔ Outperforms 11 national brands

✔ 100% money-back guaranteed


✔ Sustainably sourced natural ingredients

✔ Biodegradable surfactants

✔ No chlorine

✔ No phosphates

✔ No nitrates

✔ No borates

✔ No animal testing

✔ Recyclable packaging

✔ Recyclable wipes

✔ Recyclable dryer sheets

Also Check Out Our Non Toxic Cleaner, Cleaner Disinfectant

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