Vitalizer Equivalent Nutrients

I know that Shaklee is  #1 Natural Distributor in the US and has an unconditional guarantee. Shaklee also has the most extensive number of studies in peer reviewed journals compared to other companies. They also make these studies known, so you can know for certain what you are taking and why.

I always look for new ways to make Shaklee contacts and to educate people on Shaklee products.  Have you really read and studied the latest Shaklee Catalog? There is a ton of information not only in the catalog but also on my blog. My whole goal is to make information easy to see and understand.

3 Important Points About Vitalizer:
  1. The amount of foods would be impossible to eat every day. The food cost would probably be more than $100 per day.
  2. Vitalizer strip, $2.64 Member Price per day.
  3. You have no way of knowing if the foods contain harmful chemicals. Shaklee takes the guess work out by performing over 1000 tests on all raw materials used in Vitalizer Daily Strips.

Vitalizer has daily convenient strips that contain 6 Supplements. To receive the same nutritional value, you would have to eat daily all of the following foods:


Best Nutrients Are In Shaklee Vitalizer Multi Vitamin


Best Nutrients Are In Shaklee Vitalizer Multi Vitamin

Best Nutrients Are In Shaklee Vitalizer Multi Vitamin



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