Screening for Mental Illness

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Foster children, Military, pregnant women, mental health screening, psychotropic drugs and side effects.

NUMBER OF SIDE EFFECTS: Prozac 1,817, Zoloft 2,194 and Paxil 2,497

Foster children are the most powerless kids in America. They are the first to get a psych screening when they are placed in homes. They are also the most drugged children in the U.S. 60% of foster children in Texas are on at least 1 psychotropic drug, including some as young as 3! In Massachusetts 2/3s of children in state care are being “treated” for mental illness.

The rate of foster children on psychotropic drugs is 3Xs that of children of the general population. You tell me, who is standing up for these kids? The answer is, no one. The drug companies will get customers for life by making sure these children are diagnosed early.

Not only are foster children in danger of being dangerously drugged, our military is in danger as well. Active duty military personnel are routinely screened and many of them are labeled then prescribed dangerous drugs which can cause violent side effects. After an emotional event or to help stay up, for almost any reason you can go to the base psychiatrist and get a pill. Suicide rates have gone through the roof instead of going down. Don’t you think if these drugs actually worked there would be less suicides?

Pregnant and women and nursing mothers are in even more danger. At every OBGYN there is a “questionnaire” given that asks certain psychological questions inching toward prof that they have a “mental” condition. Postpartum depression and depression in general are the drug companies way in to their lives. No one even suspects they are being screened.

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