Drug Marketing to Doctors and You

(part 4 of Mental Health series. Videos 10-12 of documentary The Marketing of Madness below)

Drug company representatives make money based on how many prescriptions the doctors they are “in control” of write for the drugs they are pushing. My husband actually knew a drug representative who made excellent money working only a few nights a week wining and dining doctors to get them as customers.

Ever wonder why doctors’ offices have so many drug samples? I have. It turns out there is a method to the madness. When these samples are given to doctors, it’s easy for those doctors to then go on to prescribe those drugs for whatever ailment the patient suffers. 90% of drug companies’ marketing money goes to swaying doctors to their point of view.

But what exactly are these doctors being told about these medications? Psychiatrists and drug companies work together to make sure they have steady business coming in. Drugs are sold, psychiatrists are paid to endorse them; then those drugs get heavily promoted to doctors (and the masses on TV) who prescribe them. Everyone in this circle makes money.

We are told that we have problems that can be easily solved by a pill. “Go to your doctor and ask about…” Marketing has become the new doctors’ office. Drug ads are everywhere we look. Money, not the desire to help people, are the central point of psychotropic drugs.

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