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How to Save Up To 85% On Organic FoodsWe all know how expensive it is to guy good food. Organic foods are the best money can buy, but with the price of organic through the roof how can we get the good stuff without braking the bank? The key word here is bulk. Buying foods in bulk are the better deal and have less packaging waste.

When you buy large quantities of junk food in bulk you end up wasting your money anyway. Why not put that money to better use buying bulk organic foods? Aside from buying in bulk,find a local farmer where you can get healthy, locally grown, organic food for less than you can find at your supermarket.

You can also join a nearby buyer’s club or food coop. The coop can purchase larger quantities of food in bulk, which is then split up and distributed among its members.

The best kind of foods to get in bulk:

  • Organic Coffees & Teas
  • Organic Pasta
  • Organic Beans
  • Organic Spices
  • Organic Nut Butters
  • Organic Dried Fruit
  • Organic Flour & Grain
  • Organic Confectioneries

Three top reasons for buying bulk:

  • The ability to buy the exact quantity needed (leading to less food waste)
  • Cost savings
  • Less packaging, so more environmentally friendly

In fact buying in bulk will save:

  • Coffee: 240 million pounds of foil packaging saved from landfillsHow to Save Up To 85% On Organic Foods
  • Almonds: 72 million pounds of waste saved from landfills
  • Peanut butter: 7 pounds of waste saved from landfills per family
  • Oatmeal: Saves five times the waste of its packaged equivalent

Buying Bulk Organics

Bulk foods are usually in bins at the grocery stores, your local organic health food stores and thanks to the web, you can find bulk foods online. You can also go to a local farmer for fresh meat and eggs. Don’t forget the organic butter.

When buying bulk make sure that you are going to use what you buy. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 1/3 of the food produced in the world is wasted or lost; this equals 1.3 BILLION tons of food.

Also store your food in airtight containers and remember raw nuts should be stored in the refrigerator. When you buy organic grass-fed meat and produce in bulk make sure you have enough freezer space to house it all. You will only save money if you can use what you buy.

Check unit prices on differing sizes and packaging to find the best deal. Look for good snacking options. Instead of buying chips, boxes of cereal, get raw organic vegetables, fermented foods, cage free organic eggs, organic dairy and cheeses and organic healthy grains.

Making the Most of Buying Bulk

Have a meal plan and someone who will prepare them. This will help you decide what to get in bulk before you buy. You can make many meals in one day and freeze them. If you don’t have someone to make the meals you will be more apt to resort to fast and convenient foods. Ask those around you or check for tips online on how to stretch every bit of food you have.

I like to make spaghetti/pizza sauce with my leftover veggies and tomatoes. Any and all veggies will do; don’t forget to add the herbs and spices. I also like to use bones from chicken to make a stock for soups and flavoring rice and quinoa. Use the chicken meat leftovers from a roasted chicken and organic veggies to make stir fry. Try prepping your food when you get a chance and have it ready.

Bottom Line

Plan your meals first so you can decide what organic bulk foods to buy. Have someone who can prepare them, in advance if necessary. Making the most of your money is simple, plan and buy only what you will use and keep fresh. When you use your veggies wash them in a safe organic cleaner, like Basic H2, one of Oprah’s favorite products. Enjoy the benefits of healthy organic foods and see how much better you feel.

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How to Save Up To 85% On Organic Foods

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How to Save Up To 85% On Organic Foods

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