Let’s start off by asking a basic question; what is health? We all know the usual answer, eating right exercise etc. How about a different point of view; the view of health being not only a lack of illness? Like this:

Good health is a positive well being that allows for zest of life and makes each day a new adventure. It is the enjoyment of food, with good digestion, proper utilization and adequate elimination. It is a prolonged prime of life, without the serious degenerative diseases we mistakenly blame on age itself. It is clear, healthy skin, fine muscle tone, maximum resistance to stress, infection and fatigue. It is living up to your fullest potential.

Now against that standard, are you really healthy? And how many people do you know who truly are in optimal health?

What is average, normal health in America? In America it is average and normal to:

Be overweight

Eat red meat 2-3 times per day

Have French fries with every fast food meal

Salt food before you taste it

Use sweets for an energy booster

Consume over 40% of your calories in fat each day

Get far from adequate exercise

Eat “fast food” four or more times per week

Load a baked potato with butter and sour cream

Have 3-4 colds and other minor illnesses each year

Eat for taste and not nutrition

Be stressed and tired

Consume only 12-14 grams of fiber per day instead of 30

Is constipated or has diarrhea

As a woman to be low in calcium

Any of this look familiar? Is this what you want as your average; the worst of the best and the best of the worst? If this is average it’s not for me; average, normal health gives only average energy, joy and fulfillment in life. Is that how you want to live? Or do these next bunch of facts look familiar?

Fast Facts on Food Intake:

27 million eat at McDonalds every year and the number grows by 1 million yearly

McDonalds spends $2 billion on advertising

Kids 6-14 eat fast food 157,000,000 a month

96% of kids in school can recognize Ronald McDonald, only Santa was more recognized

25% of Americans eat fast food a day

Americans spend $100 billion on fast food each year

There are close to 50,000 fast food places across America

There are more than 500,000 fast food places in the world

200,000,000 M&M’s are sold a year

Americans eat 750,000,000 hot dogs per year

1.2 billion servings of Coke are consumed world wide each day

Drinking soda at breakfast has increased 25% while coffee drinking has decreased

Americans spend $6 billion a year on potato chips

Americans spend $45.5 billion per year on our pets

Americans spend only $23 billion per year on vitamins.

We actually spend almost 2x’s more on our pets health and well being than we do on our own. Imagine if the money spent on fast food was diverted to purchasing quality supplements. I would rather choose to live the optimal very best of the best kind of life.

The average American takes more time planning a vacation than planning for their health and well being. Totally committing to the necessary changes is going to determine what result you get. When you break it down all the money spent on junk food that contributes to poor health costs more than giving our bodies the right support it needs.


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