You Don’t Have to be a “Health Nut” to be Healthy

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It’s hard to eat “how we are supposed to” all the time. Is is ok to have junk food every once in a while without feeling guilty? Yes. Can you indulge in those sweet treats also? Yes.

Knowledge really is power and when you educate yourself about what is going on, where, why and how, you can choose to make those little decisions that can effect your whole life and the lives of those around you.

What about supplements, essential oils, herbs, conventional medicine, the food we eat, the food we shouldn’t eat, what are we to do?

All the information out there can be overwhelming and confusing. Some things, you don’t really want to know, but you need to know. Once you have the information, you have the power to choose what is best for you. Seriously, who would choose kale over chocolate? If you knew that dark chocolate was actually beneficial for you would it be an easier decision?

What if you have health issues that you want the answers to along with reasons and answers that don’t involve dangerous drugs? Can you get that from modern medicine? Or would it be better to educate yourself about root causes and how to heal naturally, even if it takes extra effort and time?

Is preventative medicine more expensive than traditional? If you look at the cost of cancer “treatments” and prescription medication in the U.S. today, I’d say no. Our family has been using “alternative” preventive medicine for at least 20 years and have absolutely been thankful for our doctors, nurses and hospitals when we have needed them. Thankfully, it hasn’t been very often.

Health isn’t a rigid-one way street, being open to reputable alternatives, not get skinny quick or “miracle” snake oil bandwagons, is a smart thing. Education, thinking things through and listening to the wisdom of others is key to making your own decisions about your health.

My goal for this website is to pass on information and educate anyone who would like to know more about health, wellness news, information and action steps toward a healthier life.

The answer to the initial question, do you have to be a health nut to be healthy, is no. The point of wellness is having a holistic view. It’s not just about calories in calories out, it’s about what you think and know, what you do with that, and how you feel about it.

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